We are committed to creating products adapted to the sleep, health and development of babies and children

We are parents of two perfect children! Originally engineers in a well-known toy company in France, we managed to adapt our planning to take care of our children as much as possible. Like all parents, we have encountered a lot of difficulties at each stage of our children's lives.

As engineers, we found solutions to most problems by modifying or manufacturing essential objects for any parent. Seeing the effectiveness of some, we decided to share them on social networks to help moms and dads make their own products and solve the most frequently encountered problems.

A few days later, we received a lot of requests for product creation. At the time, we had 1500 subscribers in total. We made about ten products to please the parents who followed us on the networks. It was such a success that in one week we exceeded the 20k subscribers.

Our choice was very quick, we left our job to launch our activity on the networks. Our dream of combining pleasure, family life and work came true. We were making a lot of products for parents and were so happy to see the positive results in the lives of our subscribers. Self-taught, we learned a lot about child psychology during this period.

A month later, we had 150,000 subscribers and far too many product orders. That's why we decided to leave social networks and launch our shop of products suitable for babies and children. The goal today is to focus on our MyPlush product. We are fortunate to make our plush ourselves in our own factory. We can therefore support parents on their children's sleep and therefore on their own sleep.

Today, you are part of our story, thank you!