by MyPlush on Nov 17, 2022

Les micro-réveils

Nocturnal awakenings are frequent and normal in children. Indeed, they experience a micro-awakening between two sleep cycles, ie every 45 to 60 minutes (versus 90 to 110 minutes for an adult).

During this transition phase, they move, chirp and may even let out cries. They are then more sensitive to external stimuli.

The problem arises when, during these micro-awakenings, they do not know how to go back to sleep and need to be soothed. They cry, cry for their parents or get up every time their eyes are open.

MyPlush intervenes at this time. The objective is to reassure and put your child back to sleep as soon as possible because the more time passes, the more your child comes out of his sleep phase. A hug with the MyPlush Plush, a pink noise and you're done. There's nothing like remembering the sounds your child heard when he was in mommy's womb.

When your child sleeps in your bed, the micro-awakening are almost invisible because your child is directly soothed by your presence, your heartbeats. Offer a MyPlush toy to your child, it will take care of reassuring him at each phase of micro-awakenings using pink noise and will give you a long night's sleep. You will finally have the energy you need to face the day that awaits you!