Separation anxiety

by MyPlush on Feb 03, 2023

L'angoisse de la séparation

Children can sometimes engage in behaviors that may be confusing to parents, such as throwing objects over the bed or onto the table. This behavior is common in children and can be caused by different factors, such as separation anxiety, stress or frustration.

It is important to understand that this behavior is temporary and not an expression of the child's misbehavior. Therefore, it is important not to punish children for this behavior, but rather to help them understand and manage their emotions.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help children manage this behavior effectively: the MyPlush plush. This unique soft toy is designed to emit soothing pink noises that help children feel safe and relaxed.

Here are some tips for managing the throwing period in children, with the help of MyPlush:

  1. Create a safe environment for the child: It is important to create a safe environment for children to help them feel safe and manage their anxiety. The MyPlush plush can help by emitting soothing pink noises.

  2. Encourage communication: Encourage children to talk about their feelings and what worries them. Listen to them carefully and value their point of view.

  3. Offer healthy alternatives for expressing emotions: Help children find healthy ways to express their emotions, such as drawing, walking or meditating. The MyPlush can also help by letting the child relax by listening to its soothing pink noises.

  4. Be a good role model: Show children how to handle their emotions appropriately by being a good role model for them.

In conclusion, understanding and managing the throwing period in children can be a challenge for parents. However, by creating a safe environment, encouraging communication, offering healthy alternatives for expressing emotions and being a good role model for children, it is possible to help them overcome this difficult period and develop positive behaviors in the future. long term.