Pink Noises, what is it?

by MyPlush on Oct 29, 2022

Les Bruits Roses, qu'est-ce que c'est?

Pink noise, a positive effect on children's self-sleeping

According to doctors and psychologists, using pink noise is the best solution to soothe a child and promote sleep.

White noise is often used to help babies fall asleep. All parents have heard of it and most have used it to put their child to sleep. The downside of this method is that white noise masks surrounding sounds, which can create a habit for your child to only fall asleep with these sounds, and they wake up at the slightest external noise.

But what about pink noise?

It turns out that pink noise has the same calming effects as white noise. Pink noise is similar to white noise but with a reduction in high frequencies, giving it a softer sound. Pink noise is also a type of monotonous sound that calms and soothes.


For example, the sound of a passing train that you hear when your window is open is white noise. Close the window, and the same sound becomes pink noise as the frequency is lowered. The sound of a heartbeat heard when a child lays their head on your chest is white noise, but the same sound heard from the inside when they were a fetus is pink noise. This is why MyPlush™ pink noise has soothing effects and can put ALL children and babies to sleep, even the most reluctant.

A solution approved by doctors and psychologists

Pink noise therapy is an effective way to relax. Psychologists and doctors have studied these sounds extensively for babies and children before being approved by all health experts. Before going to sleep or falling back asleep after a brief wake-up, your child needs to be in the best conditions to calm down. Several solutions exist: holding them close, giving them a bottle, rocking them, singing a lullaby, or giving them a MyPlush™ stuffed animal.

This is where the MyPlush™ stuffed animal comes into play.

The soft toy emits pink noises that are similar to those heard in mum's belly, which reminds baby of the warm and comfortable environment in which he was cradled for 9 months. It will therefore be in the best conditions for rapid relief and guaranteed autonomous sleep.

We know that the good health of children depends on your sleep as a parent(s). You don't have to buy a new mattress or a new bed to sleep better, you just need to spend full nights without waking up. The MyPlush soft toy guarantees it, give it to your child or baby and the whole family will be entitled to a good night's sleep;).

In short, an essential accessory for anyone who wants to sleep peacefully!