Some parents think it's magic...

Discover the benefits of Pink Noises

Puts baby to sleep 3 times faster thanks to pink noises

Allows your child to manage micro-alarm clocks on their own

Accompanies difficult nights : night terrors, teething or colic

+ 80,000 Children have adopted it

+ 80,000 Parents trust it

Puts little ones to sleep 3 times faster

When your child lays their head on your chest,

it hears your heartbeat it's white noise.

That same sound heard from inside mama's womb

is a Pink Noise .

This explains why MyPlush™ Pink Noises

have soothing properties and can put you to sleep or put you back to sleep

ALL children and babies, even the most recalcitrant

Allows your child to manage on their own
the micro-awakenings

Nocturnal micro-awakenings are frequent and normal in children.

MyPlush™ intervenes at this time.

The objective is to put your child back to sleep as soon as possible because the more time passes,

the more your child comes out of his sleep phase.

For 90% of children and babies, the only contact with the plush will put them to sleep again.

For the most recalcitrant, a pink noise can be played

in order to appease it thanks to its ease of use.

An approved solution
by doctors and psychologists

Pink Noises have been studied for a long time in 2022 on the conditions of babies

and children by many psychologists and doctors

before being approved by all the health experts .

Before falling asleep at night or going back to sleep after a micro-alarm clock ,

your child needs to be in the best conditions to calm down.

Several solutions exist : stick him against you, give him a bottle,

rock him, sing him a song, give him a MyPlush™ soft toy

Best consumer choice

+ 35,000 children have adopted MyPlush

+35,000 parents have trusted us since 2021.

No doubt, MyPlush works with all babies and children.

MyPlush is satisfied or refunded for 30 days !

From today, he will be your child's best friend,

and your own hero because thanks to him, you will have

long nights to rest ,

and a soothed child every night.

They talk about MyPlush:

"Young parents who show solidarity with each other pass on this good plan and share their positive feedback on the product en masse"

"MyPlush has generated a real buzz in the young parenting community."

"A real link between the baby and the parents, the MyPlush soft toy reminds the infant that his mum and dad are not far away."

"She gives him a sense of protection which makes the nights much easier for everyone."

“ Millions of combinations, meaning you get a totally unique piece of furniture exactly the way you want it.”

What our users say:

My child loves this plush!

MyPlush is a real miracle for exhausted parents. Since we bought this soft toy, our baby falls asleep faster and doesn't wake up as often at night. Pink noises are soothing for him and for us too!

Emma B

Soft and cuddly plush

I highly recommend MyPlush to all parents looking for a solution for their child's difficult nights. My daughter is teething and MyPlush has helped her calm down and fall asleep easier.

Leo D

Super plush for babies

Before buying MyPlush, our baby had trouble going back to sleep on his own after a micro-wake-up. Now he is able to back to sleep on his own thanks to this magical stuffed animal.

Camille G

Awesome Musical Plush!

I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the results of MyPlush, I'm convinced it's a great product. My son now sleeps longer and wakes up less often at night.

Jules L

My daughter never leaves her

MyPlush is easy to use and the pink noises are very relaxing. My baby now falls asleep faster and doesn't wake up as often at night.

Louka M

Comfortable and soothing plush

After hesitating for a long time, I bought this magic plush. I am amazed to see that it keeps its promises! It's been my Christmas present for all the toddlers.

Alice C.

Excellent choice for a gift

We bought MyPlush for a 6 month old baby boy and it was a game changer for parents. The pink noises are so soothing that they all started to sleep better.

Victor H

High quality plush

I recommend MyPlush to all parents looking for a solution for their baby's difficult nights. Our son had night terrors and since we bought this stuffed animal he sleeps much better.

Lucia T

Perfect for hugs

We are delighted with our purchase of MyPlush. Our baby falls asleep faster and wakes up less often at night. Pink noises are very pleasant and soothing.

Gabriel P.

Original and cute plush

First time buying such an expensive stuffed animal but today it has changed my life. My daughter sleeps about 9 hours straight now!!

Zoe S

The sounds are soothing

Since we got MyPlush, our baby has been sleeping like an angel. The pink noises are very relaxing and he doesn't wake up as often at night anymore. It's a great product!

Pauline R

Very soft and pleasant to the touch

I recommend MyPlush to all parents looking for a solution for their baby's difficult nights. Our daughter had colic and since we bought this soft toy she calms down easier and falls asleep faster.

Mathis K

Adorable baby plush

MyPlush is a real blessing for tired parents. Our baby now falls asleep faster and wakes up less often at night. Pink noises are very soothing

Elise V

Ideal to help fall asleep

MyPlush has become the essential element of my baby's night. The pink noises calm him down and reassure him, he can't live without them. Thank you MyPlush!

Louis J

Comforting plush for children

I had doubts before buying MyPlush, but from the first night my baby fell asleep quickly and without crying. Pink noises are magic!

Clara N

I am very satisfied with this purchase

I bought MyPlush for my little girl who had trouble falling asleep, and since then she doesn't wake up at night. The plush is so soft and soothing.

Theo F

Fun and entertaining plush

The pink noises are amazing, they instantly soothe my baby. I recommend MyPlush to all parents looking for a solution to help their child sleep.

Adele W

My son likes it very much

We bought MyPlush for our son who had night terrors. Since then, he feels safe thanks to the pink noises and no longer wakes up at night.

Hugo G

Convenient and easy to use plush

The texture of the plush is great, it stimulates my baby's senses and makes him discover new sensations. Plus, she puts him to sleep in no time!

Manon L

I highly recommend !

MyPlush is a quality product, approved by health professionals. We have trusted the community of satisfied parents and we are not disappointed!

Martin P.

Well-designed and well-made plush

We bought MyPlush for our 2 year old daughter who had trouble going back to sleep after a nightmare. Since then, she has been going back to sleep listening to pink noises and cuddling her stuffed animal.

Chloe R

The colors are bright and attractive

I recommend MyPlush to all mothers who have difficult-to-sleep children. The plush is easy to use and the pink noises are so soothing!

Nathan V

My baby loves to play with it

We ordered MyPlush for our son who had trouble falling asleep on his own. The soft toy reassured him and he now falls asleep quickly, without crying or screaming.

Juliet M

Strong and resistant plush

The MyPlush soft toy is really well thought out, with its integrated night light and pink noises. My baby loves it and can't live without it!

Anthony B


We tried several solutions to help our son fall asleep, but nothing worked. Since we bought MyPlush, he sleeps like a baby and so do we!

Ines D

Pink noises a delight!

MyPlush is a real miracle for exhausted parents. The pink noises have a soothing effect on children, and the plush is so soft and comfy.

Robin S

The size is perfect for small arms

I bought MyPlush for my 3 month old baby who had trouble falling asleep at night. Since then, he sleeps peacefully thanks to pink noises

Lena C

First of all

If your little one already has a cuddly toy , you absolutely must not replace it. Indeed, his comforter was used to him to manage the separation of the night, it is essential to him.

The MyPlush soft toy puts all the little ones to sleep and puts them back to sleep, even the most recalcitrant.

Some little ones , depending on their age, need a bottle. Some, in the case of an illness need care. The Pink Noises will put them back to sleep because they will feel safe and peaceful. We recommend that you consult a doctor to check if, for example, the bottle at night is essential because you can be sure that they will go back to sleep with the MyPlush soft toy.

What if my child already has a cuddly toy?

For children - If your child already has a soft toy, for him to accept the new soft toy, you have to go through an adaptation phase. Play a Pink Noise during a quiet moment like reading in the evening, a hug after the bath or when you wake up. If you're used to putting your child back to sleep at night, do so by playing Pink Noise. On average, children want to sleep with MyPlush after 2-3 days.

For babies - In general, babies accept the Myplush the first night. Do not hesitate to take a look at the article Les Bruits Roses to understand why.

Otherwise, play a Pink Noise in the evening during the bedtime routine. Achieving this allows babies to, in 2 to 3 days, adapt to the MyPlush soft toy and fall asleep on their own.

What if my child wakes up several times during the night?

To get your child to accept the new plush, if he wakes up several times during the night, he will need a short week of adaptation.

Indeed, it is recommended to keep the same habits, listening to the pink noises of MyPlush while you put it back to sleep.

A short week will be necessary on average for your child to go back to sleep alone with his new stuffed animal and for you to finally be able to sleep through the night.

My child sleeps with me, what should I do?

In this case, the adaptation is easy because you are present with him.

As soon as you receive your MyPlush plush, make sure you no longer go to bed at the same time, but let your child sleep in your bed. Set up a bedtime routine, such as reading a book. During this quiet moment, turn on the pink noises and light up with the built-in nightlight.

Once this time has passed, leave the room by turning off the built-in MyPlush night light (if your child is afraid of the dark, leave the night light on and offer to turn it off on their own)

If your child wakes up in the night due to a night terror or something else, the Pink Noises along with your hug will allow him to link these sounds with your soothing hug.

Repeat bedtime routine for a week and then do the same routine but this time in bed. The MyPlush plush will take over and all you have to do is have a FULL good night!

Pink Noises

whispers of the sea
Whispers of the sea with background melody to fall asleep to
Song of the birds
Song of the birds with background melody to fall asleep
Soothing pink noises
Soothing pink noises with lullaby in the background
Peaceful night with soothing melody to fall asleep
River sounds

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